Gartenbaukino 2007





fulllframe 2007 - GARTENBAUKINO Vienna

filmlets and cartoon of all sorts will be displayed
29. März 2007
Programme starts at 9:00p.m.


In 2007 the fullframe festival will be again showing filmlets and cartoons by young as well as by renowned artists from all over the world. Much is still to be arranged, many films are being produced. The fullframe festival will display an overview of the cinematics and arts of visualization. 8mm – 35mm, video, digital animation, live editing. The complexity allows for a diversified programme. The adequate variety of international contribution provides an insight into different concepts of film design. The aim of the fullframe festival has partly formed due to the ambition to intensify cooperation with international colleagues and to interchange own and other views.

Order of appearance subject to alteration, surprises scheduled

Participating artists:

Pip Chodorov [fr/ny] Katrin Handlbauer
Frédéric Tachou [fr] Sabine Höllwerth
Side 9000 [cz] Nora Friedel
Zort [ar] Lluis Lipp & Richard Nagy
Symaq & Igrag [cz] Thomas Glänzel
Lea Titz Philip Fleischmann
Silke Paulitsch Jascha Novak
Karin Übelbacher  
Barnabas Huber &
Philipp Roidinger


An extraordinary highlight will be the

"DREAM" by
Starsk & TetAar [fr]

A further focus of this year’s festival will be the musical part. Some musical artists have set films of the fullframe festival to music and some will present their own music videos. This aspect points to the interdependency of music and film.

Start is after the film presentations
TetAar [fr] (I.O.T records)
Side 9000 [cz]
Karaoke Tundra [sk/ua]
Mina Halm [at] & Steak [de]
DJ Kopfnikaragua
DJ Smart Export

- trip hop - ecleptic breaks - breakbeat - theremin - dubstep - grime - wicked breaks -