Gartenbaukino 2010





fulllframe 2010 - GARTENBAUKINO Wien

gezeigt werden aktuelle Experimental- und Avantgardefilme
April, 15th 2009
Start: 8:30 pm
Tickets available at the cinema.
Price: EUR 6,-

Fullframe Festival shows a selection of topical expermental and avant-garde films displayed on a 120 square-meter screen. The program consists of films, video-works and a liveact, all usually presented in a museum-like context or in galleries.

A broad spectrum in terms of age and origin of the artists participating as well as the techniqual equipment used and the contents displayed has been accounted for in the course of composing this program. An interesting and enthralling mixture of already known and well-established artists and emergent ones will be presented.


Participating artists: 

Reinhard Blum, Rita Laslberger &
Günter Stöger [at]
Viktoria Schmid [at]
Gustav Deutsch [at] Susanne Schuda [at]
Thomas Glänzel [at] Bartosz Sikorski [pl]
Gerda Lampalzer [at] Ivonne Stark [de]
Yves-Marie Mahé [fr] Gabriel Tempea [ro]
Bernd Oppl [at] Borjana Ventzislavova [bg]
Stefan Riebel [de] Alisa Vostiklap [de]
Julian Rosefeldt [de] Gerald Zahn [at]


Liveact: Glissando - Ulla Rauter [at] & Projection freyer/luftensteiner [at]


After the film performance: Music and drinks at the Philiale-bar.

DJs: Spinbrothers [at]

from VIENNALE/Gustav Deutsch - Film ist mehr als Film