Planetarium 2008

fullframe planetarium 2008

at Zeiss Planetarium Wien
May, 17th 2008

ENTRY: 8:30p.m.
Film starts at 9:00p.m.

For the projection in the Planetarium films which respond to the particular characteristics of the premises are being produced. Projection screen is the centre of the cupola. Unlike at the cinema the audience does not sit in front but underneath the projection. The familiar perspective dissolves, different view originate and perception is challenged.

Participating artists:

Nikolaus Suchentrunk Burkert/Tornquist
Barnabas Huber Piers Erbslöh
Rebecca Gross Edith Payer
Thomas Glänzel Johannes Stoll
Nadine Taschler Edgar Lissel
Hubert Sielecki Peter Miller
Marcelo Slama Lea Titz
Renate Kordon Waltraud Brauner
PRINZGAU/potgorschek Richard Nagy
Friedl Kubelka  


The music lineup: 
Live: FELIX KUBIN [Gagarin records]
Pays homage to the Planetarium and the Milky Way.

Visual Art: SymaQ and IgraQ

DJ Lineup: mikeBurns [Bongo Club], pontiac porno brother [diskoturbo], Smart Export [fullframe]