Habitat - Are you cat or pigeon?

Habitat 05 Postkarte
© Vinca Petersen





Habitat - Are you cat or pigeon?

an exhibition for life
June, 30th – Juli, 9th 2005, 3:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.
Brick 5 - Vienna

Gish /Buenos Aires/ is only at 1000 places a time.
Tom /Annaberg/ sometimes has the feeling he has to spill colour over people.
Barnabas /Wien/ likes to eat noodle soup with sausages.
Vinca /London/ likes to look round the next corner.
Maximilian /Sofia/ lives happily in a soundproof room.
Lea /Graz/ likes the number 22. Just so.




Habitat - Bist du Katze oder Taube?(Are you cat or pigeon?), an exhibition for life. Six photo artists from various countries join forces to create an arts project on the topic Habitat. The photographers have come together during research or because of friendship. The first part of the project, which was intended as an experiment, portrayed a close relationship between each of their world visions.


Despite their different backgrounds and experience and partly even without knowing each other they discovered basic parallels within their pieces of art. The joint exhibition (from June, 30th on) will present the results.


A man is sleeping in the middle of a desert, visitors of an urban place become unrecognizable, in a storehouse mannequins awaken to life for the instant of a kiss…

The pictures display a curiosity for unexpected perspectives (of our present habitat. What is the meaning behind this encounter? Is this direct, unconventional view a sign towards the first young generation of this century?), for an unconventional view. Virtually infinite and precisely interconnected by human beings the Global Village is more than a free market. Cities more and more become our natural habitat while, at the same time, our relationship to nature changes. Space and time no longer determine existence and entity.

The photographic act (is to be regarded as enquirer, trigger and establishes new callings to life.) provides a trigger for reflection and opens up new approaches.


Surreal Madrid [cz]